What is brain balancing?

Brain State Conditioning™ is a method of balancing and optimizing the brain. The method involves collecting brain waves of an individual and producing individualized computer feedback based on the data collected. This process includes personalized exercises to balance and organize the brain.

Why balance my brain?

Every system needs a control unit. The control unit for our bodies, for our consciousness, and for our spiritual perspective lies within our brains.

In the last 50 years, input (stimuli) to the brain has increased more than
10,000 times per second. For example: if you are 50 years old, your brain is receiving 10,000 times more information than it did when you were born. The human will eventually evolve, building sufficient filters to deal with this amount
of stimuli, but until then we will have to learn to rebalance our brains ourselves. Brain balancing™ provides you with the tools to accomplish this.

How is it accomplished ?

Brain activity creates electromagnetic energy - captured and observed as brain waves with EEG amplifiers and computers - which indicate how the control unit is functioning. If some brain waves are encouraged and others are discouraged the brain will begin to function differently - it will create a balanced condition. This balance will happen based only on the brain wave changes - and these changes can be encouraged by watching the brain waves and listening to the wave based sound feedback. This balancing - or conditioning - of the brain waves, balances them into optimized patterns.

What makes us unique?

Brain state conditioning™ uses different methods than other modalities
and neurofeedback providers.

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What happens in my brain?

Brain activity is based on cells called neurons which interact and connect with each other forming groups or neuro-nets. These neuro-nets are activated based on stimuli. So when a certain stimulus is experienced - like a mouse jumping out from behind a counter - we have a brief moment of fear and jump back. Neuro-nets were activated that created a pathway for us to jump, for our hearts to race a bit, and possibly for us to utter a noise.

Sometimes pathways are exercised from stimuli that are similar but not
exactly the same as other stimuli. For instance, if our teacher asks us harshly, "why are you always late?" and we cower in response, we may have a negative reaction later in life based on the pathways that were formed from that experience to anyone who asks us "why" anything.

How do I change my pathways?

How do we change the pathways that are formed and don't serve us well -
that happen automatically - that make us less than we could potentially be? Brain State Conditioning™ activates networks of neurons (neuro-nets) based on
an optimum performing and balanced brain. When neurons in the brain connect, they do so with electric energy and this energy can be recorded by electrodes on the skull. The waves of energy from the brain are fed into a computer that diagnose them, based on a personalized protocol. This protocol is created to optimize for specific purposes of the individual. Golfers can improve concentration and guide the club smoothly into the ball. Artists can tap into realms of creativity when they want to do so. CEO's can lead and manage by using consistently positive and creative leadership skills. And all of these
people do so based on the creation of new pathways and therefore new consciousness afforded by the optimized brain.

What are the next steps?

The first step in doing any conditioning is to assess where you are at the
current time. It is impossible to get to anywhere unless you know where you
are when you start your journey. In brain state conditioning an assessment is performed on the initial visit which provides brain wave data on many parts of
the brain. At the same time, you also confirm your intentions and desires
about how you wish to optimize your brain. Brain waves are then compared between many different parts of the brain to determine the optimum brain wave configuration to achieve your personal and private wish list.

And then....

Two tuning forks of the same frequency in a close proximity will both produce
a sound if only one of them is struck. Resonance is the property that causes that. When the brain hears sounds when it generates or inhibits certain frequencies, other parts of the brain respond - resonate - to that balanced frequency. Soon, the brain balances itself and thereby cuts new pathways.
It requires that this resonance balance training - or brain state conditioning,
as we call it - happens a number of times before it becomes permanent, and
it does become permanent so you do not need to continue forever.

However, for enlightenment and meditation experience, the limit is infinite,
and the person meditating may do so as frequently and as deeply as they

How Are We Different?

A holistic foundation

Every brain, like every person, is unique. Still, the consciousness of all
people includes many realms; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
All of these realms have been considered together as the basis for brain
state conditioning™. Brain state conditioning™ does more than simply
treat a diagnosis or symptom; it deals with the entire person. The founder,
Lee Gerdes, has a background in math, physics, psychology, and theology
and has brought all these disciplines together in providing brain state conditioning™.

The medical model

The allopathic medical community runs tests for physical functioning or tests
for mental functioning. These tests enable the medical professional to
diagnose a problem or disease of the individual patient. The diagnosis then allows the medical professional to prescribe a medication for alleviation of the diagnosed problem or disease. When a medication is prescribed to work on
the brain, the entire brain is affected. This means that any medication to affect the brain, affects the entire brain even though only certain functioning of the
brain needs the medication.

The psychological model

There are many psychological models practiced to deal with personal
problems experienced. Some of the psychological models are based on
in-depth questionnaires and interviews with the patient. The information
collected in the questionnaires and interviews is compared to standardized results which are regarded as normal; and a diagnosis is made. Talk therapy and/or behavioral models are established to assist the patient in changing their perspectives in order to alleviate the diagnosed problems.

Unfortunately, the psychological model doesn't include the possibility that the diagnoses and recommended therapy could be based on stimulus which changed the brain pathways to produce the undesired result or problem
reported by the patient. Also, the psychological model requires the brain to change from out-side-in based on talking and/or behavior therapy. Thus,
change can happen and often requires a long term process, months and
years, and is as ultimately costly as it is time consuming.

"Other" neurofeedback models

Some neurofeedback methods are based on a Quantitative Electroencephalographic Analysis (QEEG). Using a QEEG, the
neurofeedback provider compares the brain waves of the client to a normative data base of other brain waves and irregularities are noted for neurofeedback training. QEEG assessment can take up to six hours and cost $350 to $1200. The problem with a QEEG is the basic assumption that the data base of brain waves is helpful to establish a normal or healthy brain wave pattern for an individual. Can I compare my brain wave patterns to many others and
determine if I am normal and where my abnormalities exist?

Other neuro-feedback providers will train for 30 min to 40 min 2 to 3 times per week. This often requires 40 to 100 sessions to complete a training process. Benefits are sometimes not seen for 20 sessions or more.

Brain State Technologies™ model

Brain state conditioning™ is a type of neurofeedback which allows an
individual to train their brain to accomplish what it is that they desire.
Brain state conditioning™ stresses total individuality in a holistic context.
Brain state conditioning™ is based on the ratios of brain waves within an individual brain. Nothing from the outside is used as normative to compare to
the individual to determine abnormalities.

Brain State Technologies™ understands the brain to be like a finger print
totally unique. We also understand that interviews can be beneficial
in helping to isolate areas of our brains where the brain wave ratios provide answers for training the brain. Brain state conditioning™ is consistent in dealing with brain state, not brain content. Comparing brain wave frequency ratios at major points across the scalp allows us a standardized way to test brain balance. This means that we create a personalized training plan, tailored to the brain frequency ratios of the individual. We then use client feedback to fine tune the training session exercises to more completely satisfy the desired changes of the client. Brain state conditioning™ uses internal brain wave ratios, client self assessment, and client input to create a brain balanced for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual optimization.

The efficiency of brain state conditioning™ which incorporates visualization, deep relaxation, optimum performance, and targeted solution training is much greater. A brain state conditioning™ training session usually lasts about
75 minutes. Sessions are often done every day, or even multiple times per day,
for the first part of training. And, multiple things are trained at the same time
so when one area becomes balanced, other areas do not get out of balance. Usually clients recognize benefits in the first one to three sessions, and
requires up to 30 sessions to make the benefits permanent.

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